From Mosen Shimba to the magic of Moses

ISNA / Khuzestan Three foreign players of the Khuzestan Steel football team have had different performances in the twentieth league.

For the twentieth league, Khuzestan Steel retained three foreign players from the previous season in order not to touch the main squad in the nineteenth league, but to go to war with the opponents in Asia with full hands. But in the seven weeks that have passed since the twentieth league, the foreigners of Foolad have had a completely different performance, full of ups and downs; From the aging Shimbai and the striker who scored just one goal from the penalty spot to the tall defender Musa Coulibaly with a scoring streak and an expensive but reserve save.

According to ISNA, Shimba started his career in Iranian football for the first time, eight years ago at the age of 29, by joining the Khuzestan Steel team, and with his goal-scoring ability, he was able to achieve a successful record for himself in the Iranian League. Slowly, as other teams like Sepahan wanted him. Shimba then experienced playing for Sepahan, Mashayin Sazi and Naft Abadan until he returned to Foolad at the age of 36, in the 19th league.

Pereira, who also has Mr. Goli in the Iranian League record and has played in 211 games in Iran so far and was able to register the title of the best goal scorer in the history of Khuzestan Steel Club, has not yet been able to score that agile shimba and goal scorer of years in the 20th league. Be present in the Premier League. In seven weeks of the twentieth league, while Foolad’s attacking line was not very successful, he scored only once for Foolad from the penalty spot. This statistic is weak and unexpected for an expensive striker who is well acquainted with Iranian football and rivals.

Some attribute Shimba’s poor performance to Nekounam’s type of steel system, a system that practically took Shimba out of the scoring process and did not allow Shimba to be the striker. Of course, the effect of increasing Shimba age on his performance should not be ignored. The older you get, the more experienced a defender becomes; Reduces the speed, agility and efficiency of an attacker. A situation that seems to have had a huge impact on his goallessness in the twentieth league, along with the type of Nekounam system that deprived Pereira of the opportunity to score.

Musa Koulibali is another foreign player of Khuzestan Steel who, like Shimba, started his football in Iran from Khuzestan. At the age of 20, Musa was hired by the Esteghlal Khuzestan team for the first time under the advice of Abdullah Weiss. Successful defender who was one of the most influential players of Khuzestan Blues in the year that Esteghlal Khuzestan won the Premier League. After independence, Koulibali also experienced playing for Sepahan and Naft Masjed-e-Soliman teams, until he became a member of Foolad Club in the 19th league.

Although Javad Nekounam may not have accepted the Mali defender much last season, and there was even talk of him leaving the club for the 20th league, but Musa remained one of the most successful players in the 20 weeks of the 20th league. Defender no matter how much Shimba is out of the team system due to Nekounam’s game system; He is in the middle of Nekounam’s game and most of the time he has reached the offensive line and has appeared as a striker. Coulibaly, who is a defender, like last season, another Steel defender Ayub Wali, has appeared in the role of a goal scorer and has scored twice so far in the 20th league. The defender that Nekounam now, unlike in the past, believes in him a lot and has been his trump card and magic in sensitive games.

Ayanda Patosi, 28, is another foreign player for the Foolad team who started her career in the Iranian league from Esteghlal Tehran. Last season, when Foolad managed to recruit this midfielder, everyone was waiting for that successful path in Esteghlal Tehran. An expectation that has not been fulfilled so far, and Patosi bears only the name of Patosi Esteghlal; He returned to his country in the 19th league with the outbreak of Corona to accompany Foolad again with the beginning of the Iran League. Patosi finally returned to Iran, but fat and far from expected! This also prevented Patosi from practically working for the team, despite the cost of attracting him on loan at Steel.

Despite not meeting expectations, Patosi remained in Steel with a high salary, still hoping that Patosi would become independent. But while 630 minutes have passed since the Premier League, he has played only twice in the main squad of Foolad, and although he had a good performance, there were sudden news of the player’s injury. An injury that seems to be old and caused him, who was not in Foolad’s 18-man squad in the third week, to enter the field for Foolad only in the final 15 minutes from the fourth week onwards. Of course, the ambiguity is that it is not yet clear whether Patosi is really injured or has been left out of the steel squad for other reasons because the injured player will be rested so that he can be fully available to the team after a while, not in every game. To be taken; Even for a few minutes.

The performance of three foreign steel players shows that only 27-year-old Musa Coulibaly has been able to succeed in this position and respond in the Nekounam system. However, it is still seven weeks since the Premier League and many believe that Shimba’s scoring engine will usually start from the tenth week onwards. But what has been shown so far is that Foolad may not be able to count much on the help of Shimba and Patosi in the continuation of the AFC Champions League and play-offs.

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