Full response of the Central Bank to 96.5% of popular requests

According to Ibna, the bank’s public relations system records and handles an average of 520 public calls per day. During the mentioned period, the Central Bank has responded to more than 20,000 calls from its audiences, of which 63% of the calls were directed online by system experts and received appropriate answers.

37% of the requests have been referred to the experts of specialized departments after registration and have been answered in the shortest possible time. It should be noted that these calls have been registered through the number 2706 and the bank’s portal at www.crm.cbi.ir.

Also in this period, 53.4% ​​of the calls were related to the subject of facilities, 29% to the subject of banking services and 12% to the subject of foreign exchange services. It is worth mentioning that the Public Relations System of the Central Bank, No. 2706, was unveiled by Dr. Hemmati on November 30, this year, with the aim of facilitating and integrating accountability.