Fundamentalists do not reach traditional unity in 1400 elections / Comprehensive people should play an incentive role / We are worried about the defeat of fundamentalists in 1400 elections

“Vahab Azizi”, a fundamentalist political activist, in an interview with the political correspondent of the Borna News Agency, expressed concern about the future of the Values ​​Forces Front and said:The fundamentalist movement includes a wide range of official parties, groups and spontaneous popular movements that feel responsible for running the country and preserving the achievements of the Islamic Revolution. Unfortunately, tasteful lines have caused us to see more falls in this process every year. In the first and second decades of the revolution, with the announcement of the Society of Fighting Clergy and the Society of Teachers of the Seminary of Qom, a maximum unity was formed among the forces of value, but in recent years, we have witnessed a diminishing role of the comprehensive in the political field. This can be a wake-up call for the sympathizers of the revolution.

Secretary General of Islamic Iran Jihadists added: The birth of Ahmadinejad’s new stream of carpet weaving and spring fundamentalism is a clear example of the ineffectiveness of the traditional unity of the fundamentalists. Of course, the Front for Stability is also tuning its instrument for the new song. There are many groups that are concerned with the values ​​of the revolution but do not gather under the exclusive banner of political patriarchy.

Wahab Azizi stated: If the fundamentalists do not create an effective mechanism for achieving comprehensive unity, they should not rely on superficial analysis within the stream. Similar to Trump’s defeat in the United States, it is likely to be repeated in Iran. In the US election, there was a general belief that Trump was in power and would be re-elected, but Trump ignored analysts’ warnings and failed. Therefore, if the fundamentalist current is happy with the result of the 11th parliamentary elections and hopes that the eight-year term of the reformists is over and now it is the turn of the fundamentalists; This optimism may not materialize; As it did not happen in America. Donald Trump’s arrogance and turning his back on the people and continuing his militant policies led to his defeat.

The university lecturer continued: With the current situation in the country and the failure of the 11th parliament to regulate the situation, we are worried about the defeat of the fundamentalists in the 1400 elections. The 11th parliament has distanced itself from the people’s priorities; The people are concerned about the problem of livelihood, inflation and inflation, but the parliament is engaged in marginal debates; Excessive stagnation in the bill to amend the law on the conditions of presidential candidates and insisting on monopolizing it for a few specific candidates will increase the distance between the parliament and the people.

Azizi added: On the other hand, we see that most of the political fronts influencing the elections are chanting the slogan of national unity, but in practice, each has taken a different path for itself. The emergence of the phenomenon of minibus candidates is also born of this duality of slogan and action. In fact, a kind of serious but hidden race has been formed to reach the presidency during the fundamentalist era.

The Secretary General of the Islamic Iran Jihadist Front noted: In such a situation, it is natural for the Jihadist Front to consider a special candidate for the 1400 presidential election and to present an independent list in the city’s Islamic councils. The Islamic Iran Jihadist Front in Tehran and other metropolises and city centers will introduce an independent list for council elections. In this regard, a nationwide call was made through official news agencies. 4