Gas supply to Kish Island accelerated

The director of region 10 of Iran’s gas transmission operations announced the diversion of the seventh national gas line in line with the acceleration of gas supply to Kish Island.

According to the economic observation report and quoting “Our Oil”, Hamid Khedri stated in this regard: Zone 10 of gas transmission operations from mid-spring each year, begins the program of repairing gas transmission arteries and in coordination with the transmission and dispatching company of the National Gas Company Iran is carrying out a coherent pipeline repair program.
He said that the task of maintaining and operating 209 km of the seventh national pipeline in Bushehr, Fars and Hormozgan provinces is the responsibility of this region. He said: “Since the beginning of this year, the maintenance of the seventh national pipeline has been included in the operational plan. Sewing (installing sleeves), changing the valve, repairing pipeline welds and repairing leaks.
The director of District 10 of the gas transmission operation explained the operations carried out simultaneously and at several points: After receiving the results of the follow-up and the verification of the technical inspection unit, more than 10 points of communication joints needed to be repaired using the sleeve process. These points were repaired and rebuilt.
Khedri considered the 56-inch cutting operation of the seventh line to connect the gas transmission pipeline to Kish Island as another repair program and added: the gas supply project to Kish Island from the seventh national line with a length of 94 km in the north of Bastak city in Hormozgan province has started. It leads to the Kish Island power plant, which according to the plans, the process of branching this pipeline was done with the efforts of local staff and the cooperation of the private sector to see a stable and safe transfer of gas to Kish Island in the near future.
He also stressed that the seventh national line has an important role in ensuring the continuity and readiness of natural gas transmission in winter: hot tap operation with the aim of developing gas supply to low-income villages, installing connections and insulation kits and replacing two The 20-inch bypass valve was another repair project carried out in the seventh line.

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