Gasoline quota was paid in April

According to Tejaratnews, according to the previous announcement, the gasoline quota for cars and motorcycles was charged at midnight yesterday, March 21, 2010. There is a 60 liter petrol quota for personal cars and a 25 liter petrol quota for personal motorcycles.

Earlier, Fatemeh Kahi, a spokeswoman for the National Petroleum Products Distribution Company, told Mehr: “The country’s gas stations are all fully ready for refueling, and the fuel storage situation of warehouses across the country, especially in the northern regions, is favorable.”

The official also explained about the conventional Nowruz gasoline quota for private cars: “Since the allocation of this gasoline quota was in any case considered as an incentive for Nowruz trips, and considering that we are in a coronary condition and the National Corona headquarters is busy.” Prohibits intercity, and even many provinces and cities are barred from entering it. No decision has been made to allocate this Nowruz quota to the National Petroleum Products Distribution Company.

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