Tonight, the fourteenth stage of depositing the gasoline quota of public and private fleet vehicles will be charged in the fuel card of car drivers.

It is worth mentioning that on the morning of Friday, November 15, last year, gasoline was rationed and the price of this petroleum product was set as a quota (60 liters per month for private cars) at 1500 Tomans per liter and 3000 Tomans freely. According to the Minister of Oil, 31,000 billion tomans will be earned from the implementation of this project during a year, and this amount will belong to the people.

Row user Gasoline quota rate
1 Gasoline personal ride 60 liters
۲ Dual-burner personal ride 30 liters
3 Gasoline taxi 400 liters
4 Dual-burner taxi 200 liters
5 motorcycle 25 liters
6 Low consumption gasoline pickup 150 liters
7 Dual-fuel low-consumption pickup 60 liters
8 High-consumption gasoline pickup 300 liters
9 Dual-use high-consumption pickup truck 300 liters
10 Ambulance 500 liters

Fatemeh Kahi, spokeswoman for the National Iranian Petroleum Products Distribution Company, said in an interview with a reporter from the Young Journalists Club, referring to the news published by the Welfare Organization that the fuel quota for the blind has been eliminated. The fuel burn of the disabled license plate was checked with other license plates and the fuel smart card was prevented from changing when the license plate was changed.

He added: in this working group, it was decided that the gasoline quota on the fuel smart card of cars for disabled people should be equal to the personal quota of 60 liters for single burners and 30 liters for dual burners, and for the difference of the quota, which is 40 liters, Appoint his legal representative.

Kahi continued: “The plan to allocate Rial credit for veterans has been successfully implemented and realized, and this plan is being implemented in cooperation with the Welfare Organization for the Disabled.”

Kahi added: “Therefore, the monthly excess quota of 40 liters for the disabled will not be eliminated, and after the announcement of the Welfare Organization, conditions will be allocated to those who are eligible, and it is not correct to remove the fuel quota for the disabled.”

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