General Bagheri congratulated the nurse on her fast

General Bagheri congratulated the nurse on her fast

In a message, the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces congratulated Nurse’s Day.

According to ILNA, the text of the message of Major General Mohammad Bagheri, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces on the occasion of the birth of Hazrat Zeinab and Nurse’s Day is as follows:

in the name of God

The 5th of Jamadi Al-Awal (equal to 30 December 1399) is the anniversary of the birth of Noorani and the blessed messenger of the Red Hosseini Movement, the model of the insight, patience and self-sacrifice of Hazrat Zeinab Kobra (PBUH), which has been named Nurse’s Day. Certainly, naming this blessed day after the nurse, with the aim of appreciating the valuable efforts and sanctifying and honoring the high and spiritual position of the dear nurses, is based on the lessons learned from the life of that great lady, based on compassion, patience and self-sacrifice in her profession. And institutionalized.

Undoubtedly, during the years of the holy defense epic, the sincere presence of medical groups, especially dear nurses in field hospitals, emergency posts and relief and the martyrdom of hundreds of dear nurses and aid workers in this way, is a prosperous chapter in the honors of the medical and nursing community. This brilliant background reflects the continuous relationship of the nursing community with the ideals and values ​​of the sacred defense and narrates their inseparable belonging and dependence on revolutionary principles and values; A proud story that has been manifested and continued in the presence of nurses and providing their medical services to the Mujahideen and fighters of the Islamic Resistance Front.

In the current situation, from the first days of the outbreak of coronary heart disease in our beloved country of Iran, especially after the historic announcement of the decree of the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces Imam Khamenei in March 2017 to establish Imam Reza Health Center for nurses in hospitals and centers Armed Forces treatment with regard to the valuable experience of years of holy defense and benefiting from the spirit of governorship and jihad, along with other medical and paramedical groups as an effective member of the medical team, on the front line of the fight against Corona, Janbarkaf and Ashkhani, 24 hours In the most dangerous and exhausting working conditions, they have spared no effort to save the lives of coronary patients and have so far provided services to tens of thousands of hospitalized patients and hundreds of thousands of outpatients.

This blessed occasion is a great opportunity to pay tribute to the selfless services and valuable efforts of the hardworking, hardworking and dedicated members of the Armed Forces and the great and important role of their families in accompanying and empathizing with them in this sensitive and important field. I consider myself to bow before these peaks of self-sacrifice and great struggles, and I send greetings to the lofty and heavenly souls of the dear martyrs who defended the health of the nurse and paramedic of the Armed Forces; Martyrs Shirin Safavi, Martyrs Esmat Sarbishehay and Martyrs Mohammad Reza Darini, Ahmad Dastani, Ghorban Ali Hosseinzadeh, Gholam Ali Kafash, Mohammad Shokri, Asghar Issababadi, Hamed Mardani, Habibaullah Mohammadkhani, Muslim Soheilifard, Reza Babajani, Sadegh Shamsali , Hamidreza Jabbari, the power of Taghizadeh, etc., and I ask God Almighty for the happiness of their souls, sciences, and degrees.
I congratulate Hazrat Zeinab Kobra (PBUH) on her birthday and Nurse’s Day in the presence of all hardworking nurses in our beloved country of Iran, especially nurses working in hospitals and medical centers of the Armed Forces, and their commendable and irreplaceable efforts and valuable and lasting efforts. In the service of patients and clients, I sincerely appreciate and hope that under the attention of Hazrat Baqiyatullah Al-Azam (AS) and the wise leadership of the Grand Ayatollah Imam Khamenei (AS), you will always be successful in serving the lofty ideals of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces
Maj. Gen. Mohammad Bagheri