German security personnel banned from entering Russia

News Agency d. Russia reacted to EU sanctions by imposing more bans on German citizens, the German news agency PA reported on Tuesday.

“This is a response to the EU’s destructive actions,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Although it is not clear exactly who and how many people are not allowed to enter Russia, informed sources say; Under the embargo, prominent members of Germany’s security and intelligence services will not be allowed to enter Russia.

Disputes between Moscow and Berlin over Navalny poisoning have intensified in recent months. In October, the European Union imposed new sanctions on Russia over a massive cyber attack on the German parliament (Bundestag) five years ago, according to the Central Command of the Russian Armed Forces and a military unit in charge. Cyber ​​attacks are affected.

The embargo regime has also predicted that the European Union could freeze Russian bilateral assets. In addition, entry bans apply to a number of Russian citizens.

Thus, Moscow reacted to the EU sanctions that had already been imposed in October. Forty-four-year-old Navalny is still being treated in Germany after being poisoned by a chemical agent called Novitsuk, which has been met with protests from Russia.

Last week, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova responded to remarks by French foreign ministers; Germany and Britain called Russia’s anti-Russian stance on Russia’s sanctions on Navalny poisoning “unacceptable” and said their statements showed a reluctance to pay attention to the facts.

Zakharova said in a statement that instead of cooperating with Russia to clarify the root cause of what happened to Russian blogger Navalny, several European countries have resorted to threats and pressure on Russia while violating their obligations under the Convention on Mutual Legal Assistance. .