Germany: Iran should not miss the last chance to save Borjam

According to Eqtesadonline, quoting Fars, German Foreign Minister Haiku Moss after the informal virtual meeting of the foreign ministers of Iran and the P5 + 1 (Britain, France, Germany, China, Russia) without mentioning the non-compliance of European countries with their obligations under the UN Security Council. He called on Iran to take action to maintain order.

In this regard, the German Foreign Minister asked Iran not to miss the last chance to save Borjam.

According to the report, Haiku Moss stressed the need for Iran to work together to maintain order, saying: “In order to make good relations with the United States possible during Biden’s presidency, we should no longer see such tactical demonstrations as we have seen many times recently. “This opportunity, which is the last chance, should not be missed.”

Haiku Moss once again reacted to Iran’s move to install advanced centrifuges in Natanz, describing it as a sign of non-compliance with Borjami’s commitments.

“Iran’s actions in Natanz are a sign of Iran’s non-compliance (with Borjami’s commitments) and Iran must stop violating its obligations and return to the nuclear deal,” he said.

The German diplomat went on to point out the desire of US President-elect Joe Biden to join the UN Security Council, saying: “Biden has said that if Iran adheres to its commitments, it will return to the nuclear deal.”

The German diplomat called on Iran to refrain from any tactical steps that would make it difficult for Joe Biden to overturn US President Donald Trump’s decision to leave the Security Council.

In his remarks, Moss reiterated the United States’ anti-Iranian stance, criticizing Iran, saying “dialogue with Iran is complex and difficult because of its actions in the region.”

Although Iran has repeatedly stated that it has never sought to acquire a nuclear weapon, the German Foreign Minister reiterated that Iran should be prevented from acquiring a nuclear weapon through dialogue.

An informal meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Iran and the P4 + 1 (Germany, France, Britain, Russia and China) was held today (Monday) in the presence of Joseph Borrell, the EU’s foreign policy chief, and lasted about two and a half hours. Joint statements issued.

Emphasizing the need to maintain the agreement, the parties stressed: “The members of the Council reaffirmed their commitment to maintain the agreement and reaffirmed their efforts in this regard. They continue the need for full and effective implementation of the UNHCR by all parties and address the current challenges of implementation. [برجام]”They discussed, among other things, nuclear non-proliferation and sanctions lifting commitments.”

Ahead of today’s meeting of the P5 + 1 foreign ministers and Iran, EU foreign policy chief Joseph Borrell stressed that the parties to the Iran nuclear deal intend to emphasize the need to maintain order.

Earlier, British Foreign Secretary Dominique Robb said: “I will meet again this Christmas with my counterparts in the Troika and possibly Iran – if they want to take part – to make sure we can reach a peaceful solution.”