Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from Tattooing

Researchers’ research suggests that Tattooing It can disrupt the sweat glands and reduce the rate at which the skin cools down. Tattooing They were asked to wear a suit that contained a set of tubes that circulated hot water throughout the volunteers’ bodies, thus making it possible to measure transpiration time and the amount of sweat produced by heat. By comparing the results of this experiment with a similar experiment with those without Tattooing It was concluded that there was no difference between the onset of sweating between individuals and the researchers concluded Tattooing Has no effect on nerve signaling stimulation of skin sweat glands.

However, measurements of perspiration showed that the volunteers’ bodies produced less sweat than those without tattoos, and the amount of salt in their sweat was higher. he does.

It is not yet known how tattoos affect the sweat glands of the skin, but researchers believe that tattoos can damage the sweat glands, and this can be seen by studying the skin of people with extensive tattoos. The full report is published in the journal Applied Physiology.

Source: Health News