Get rid of bad breath with this home remedy

Naser Rezaeipour, Secretary of the Iranian Scientific Society of Traditional Medicine, on causes and factors Bad Breath Stated: Bad Breath It is an annoying problem that irritates those around you and even the person, but to treat this problem, it is necessary to first find the root cause of bad breath.

Oral problems

Rezaeipour said about the factors that accompany bad breath: in some cases, this bad breath may be due to problems related to the oral cavity, such as gum infections, tooth decay, pests and dry mouth. In fact, having a bad tooth not only leads to more bad breath, but can be one of the causes of bad breath alone.

Digestive problems

“Sometimes bad breath can be a sign of internal diseases such as digestive problems,” he said. Occasionally there is a residual odor on hunger pangs that can be relieved by consuming one food item, which is why most people face this problem during Ramadan.

He added: “The main cause of this problem is usually an increase in humidity, along with the inefficiency of the upper gastric valve.” In this case, the excess moisture in the stomach stinks and smells and passes through the upper sphincter to the mouth and is felt.

Sinusitis and colds

The Iranian medicine expert stated: The sputum and secretions that fall from the brain, towards the mouth and back of the throat, may be infectious and smelly, and these secretions may also cause a thick load on the tongue. Treatment of runny nose or pharyngeal secretions is very important in Iranian medicine because it can cause other diseases in the organs of the body, including the gastrointestinal tract, liver, uterus, joints, etc.

Pulmonary problems

Rezaeipour continued: Increased excess moisture and pulmonary sputum should also be considered in the treatment of bad breath. These secretions are present in various conditions such as smoking and hookah, wet asthma, bronchitis, etc. and may cause infection and bad breath.

Home remedies

This Iranian medicine expert said about the home remedies for bad breath: If the cause of bad breath is in the oral cavity and dental and gingival problems, one should first observe oral health, such as brushing and flossing. Next, use natural mouthwash such as mint, cinnamon and celery. The use of apples, roses and spring oranges also help to eliminate bad breath caused by oral cavity problems.

He added: “Massaging the gums with a combination of honey and vinegar or honey and salt, two or three times a month and massaging the gums at night with olive oil, after brushing, can strengthen the gums and eliminate infections.”

He added: “If bad breath is due to secretions from the back of the throat and sinuses, you can help eliminate bad breath by constantly using nuts such as almonds, especially in the form of porridge and thyme or hyssop.”

Source: Health News