Get to know Iran Khodro “Tara” better

Industrial Group Iran Khodro Has designed a new product, the name of which has not been officially announced yet, and today during the visit of Minister Samat as ” Tara It was named. This car is supposed to enter the market this winter. It is estimated that this full automatic car will be priced at around 700 to 800 million Tomans.

Tara is a car based on Peugeot 301 and is considered as an internal version of this car. Platform based Car Tara Two other products are to be produced with hatchback and crossover styles. Iran Khodro had recently pre-sold the first series of Tara cars.

This car The new one will be produced in cooperation with more than 132 domestic manufacturers. The car will initially be equipped with a tu5 engine, which will later be equipped with an ef7 engine and automatic transmission. Other features of this car include power steering, tire pressure sensor, cruise control, 7-inch display with navigation, sunroof, light and rain sensor, electric front seat.

This car is also equipped with abs, ebd and ba braking system, stability control system and esc distraction tracking, four safety airbags, rear view camera, electric folding side mirror, keyless entry system and car start control.

Internalization of Iran Khodro’s new product

Mohammad Reza Najafi Manesh, President of the Association of Homogeneous Powertrain Industries and Parts Manufacturers, in an interview with Industry, Trade and Agriculture Reporter of the Economic Group of the Young Journalists Club, regarding the internalization of Iran Khodro’s new car, said: ‌ Tara is a new product of Iran Khodro. Is made with more than 90% of internal parts.

He said: “Mass production of this car is being prepared and there is a potential for its internalization to be 100%.” Technical specifications of this car are 1600 cc engine volume, maximum engine power of 110 hp at 6000 rpm, maximum torque of 150 Nm at 4800 rpm.

The official continued: its pollution standard is Euro 5. The maximum speed that can be traveled with this car is 190 km and its acceleration from zero to one hundred is 9.5. The fuel consumption of this new car is 6.7 and it benefits from electric steering. Electric seats and aluminum rims, guides on the side mirrors are other features of this car.

Launching a new Tara product line

Farshad Moghimi, CEO of Iran Khodro, in an interview with the Industry, Trade and Agriculture Reporter of the Economic Group of the Young Journalists Club, said about the new Tara production line (Iran Khodro’s new car): Today we unveiled the tu5 Plus production line. The engineering done has improved dramatically. The power of this engine increased from about 80 kW to about 85 kW, and the torque of this engine increased from about 140 Nm to 145 Nm. The production capacity of this engine has increased from 108 horsepower to 115 horsepower.

Referring to the engine’s natural breathing structure, Moghimi explained: “This engine is equipped with CVVT technology, which makes it possible to deactivate a number of valves in places where the car needs less power and prevent gasoline spraying.” This process ultimately reduces fuel consumption by 4 to 5 percent. In the Tara car in which this engine is used, the fuel consumption will be about 7 liters of gasoline per hundred kilometers.

Referring to the Euro 5 standard of this engine, he specified: the new tu5 engine will be installed on Tara and Rana Plus cars. Also, Rana car will be equipped with a new 6-speed internal gearbox, which will be unveiled soon by the Minister of Silence.