Get to know the special presenters of Yalda programs

Ali Zia on Channel One, Pouria Poursorkh on Channel 2, Barbad Babaei and Reza Rashidpour on Channel 3, Mansour Zabetian on Education Network, Soroush Sehat and Hamid Goodarzi on Nasim Network will perform on Yalda night


The “Formula One” program has been aired on the antenna of the One Sima network since the 10th of Azar. This program is also scheduled to prepare for Yalda night, which will probably be accompanied by various items and sections.

“Iranian” will be broadcast to the audience in the form of a contest tonight, a program hosted by Pouria Poursorkh, and the contest is scheduled to have a special program on the eve of Yalda night for three nights.

Also, the “Last Wire” contest with the performance of Reza Rashidpour is another program that is going to be aired tonight and has prepared sections and items in the music space for Yalda night. Also, the program “Couple” with the performance of Barbad Babaei, which is held as a competition

“Ghandpahloo” performed by Reza Rafi and “Radio Haft” performed by Mansour Zabetian, which has not been on the air for several years, has now returned to television.

In Nasim network, the “Open Book” program has been specially designed for Yalda night by Soroush Sehat.

Also, “Kudak Show” performed by Hamid Goodarzi and “Shootball” performed by Hamed Ahangi and Mobina Nasiri are other programs that have been specially prepared on Yalda night.

It is not clear yet whether “Durahmi” Mehran Modiri has a plan for this night or not …