Ghasemi Nejad: Only 10 billion tomans is impossible!

Yesterday’s talks between Esteghlal and Amin Ghasemi Nejad stalled yesterday for two reasons. The first issue was the issue of the player’s consent and the uncertainty of the ownership of the Shahr Khodro club, which the Independents stated should be negotiated with the owner of this club. The Blues are hoping to get a discount on the club’s approval of the $ 4 billion deal.

But the discussion of the amount requested by Ghasemi Nejad is also one of the cases to which two members of Esteghlal’s board of directors reacted yesterday. Nazari and Abdian announced yesterday that the figure requested by Ghasemi Nejad is not independent.

It is said that the striker of Shahr Khodro, who has a 12 billion offer for a season and a half from a city team, has agreed to bring this figure below 10 billion for Esteghlal Club so that he can wear blue. But the cost of the agreement and the heavy amount of the contract for the time being caused the Blues to back down in this regard.

With only two days left until the end of the mid-season transfers, it remains to be seen whether Esteghlal’s managers will finally be able to cover Ghasemi Nejad in blue.

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