“Gholsta” in preparation for the assembly

According to the Baaqtesad news website, the Pegah Golestan Pasteurized Milk Company of Iran, with the trading symbol of Ghagolsta, invited all its real and legal shareholders to attend the Extraordinary General Assembly.

The details of the published ad are as follows:

A- Time and place of the General Assembly:
All shareholders, lawyer or legal representative of the shareholder, as well as the representative or representatives of legal entities are invited to the meeting of the General Assembly of the company at 11:00 on Saturday, 11/04/2016 in Golestan province, Gorgan, the address of the square Basij, Pegah Boulevard, at the beginning of Hezar Pich Road, Pegah Golestan Pasteurized Milk Company will be held to attend.

B- Agenda:

Election of board members

Other cases


C- How to receive the attendance sheet:

Due to the prevalence of coronary heart disease and according to the notifications of the National Corona Disease Management Headquarters and the Stock Exchange and Securities Organization and the requirement of the presence of members, board and representatives of the stock exchange and auditor and legal inspector of the company, esteemed shareholders are requested. View the assembly at the same time via Instagram messenger at pegah.golestan Help your servants to hold this assembly. It should also be noted that due to the observance of health conditions, the presentation of advertising packs and the usual reception in assemblies has been refused. Obviously, like other general assemblies, questions will be asked at the meeting.