Godwin Mansha’s confrontation with independence

Controversy on the tenth day of January Independence front side گل گهر In Sirjan, there will be a special story for a considerable number of players and coaches present in the two teams. The match, which was actually postponed due to a change in the schedule of the first half of the Premier League, because according to the previous plan, Persepolis They go and then line up in front of the students of Amir Ghaleh, but now the story is different and vice versa.

This is a contest for Godwin Mansha It is also considered extremely important that the striker, in a controversial move in the return leg of the 97-98 season, decided to leave Persepolis and become independent, in order to show many things to Branko Ivankovic. Of course, Mansha was unsuccessful with the blue shirt and was left out at the end of that season, but these days he is the most prepared striker in Gol Gohar’s uniform. Premier League It has changed and will definitely consider the 10th of January as an opportunity to settle accounts with the Independents.