Gold and coin price forecast for the last day of autumn 99

According to Tejarat News, the price of 18-carat gold in the open market was traded at 1,131,900 tomans yesterday. Also, 11 million and 790 thousand tomans of coins were traded. But what are the forecasts for the price of gold and coins today?

In this case, Nader Bazrafshan, secretary of the Tehran Jewelry Union, said: “If the ounce price does not change much and we do not see any special political news in the world, it is likely that the downward trend in gold prices will continue tomorrow.”

The world of economics also wrote: On the day when the price of the dollar decreased, the coin of the whole spring of freedom also chose a downward path to move and lost the range of 11 million and 800 thousand tomans. The coin had not experienced figures below that range for more than two weeks. At one o’clock yesterday afternoon, the coin was traded at a price of 11 million and 790 thousand tomans, which was 160 thousand tomans lower than on Thursday. The coin fell in a situation where this precious metal had fluctuated above the 12 million Toman channel for three days last week.

Some activists believed that the drop at the beginning of the week and the loss of the support range indicate that the coin will continue to decline this week. Domestic precious metal lost more than 40 percent of its value last week and started the week with a decline of 1.4 percent. The drop in coin prices came at a time when some traditional market players believed that on the eve of Shabilda, the demand for coins would increase and this would cause the price of coins to rise.

Some believe that coin prices may not be affected by the night, but small coins such as quarter coins can increase demand and people can use them to give gifts to each other. In a situation where the Imami coin had experienced a big drop yesterday, the quarter coin remained at the same number of 4 million and 250 thousand Tomans on Thursday.

This could indicate that the demand for a quarter of the coins in the market was higher than the Emami coin, and this was influenced by Yalda night.

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