Gold price forecast for tomorrow, January 10 / Will the corona vaccine make gold cheaper?

According to Tejarat News, last month, when the Fires vaccine was unveiled, the world price of gold fell sharply due to reduced economic uncertainty. It is now expected that the news of the construction and injection of the first Iranian corona vaccine will cause the price of gold in the Iranian market to decrease.

Coin and gold prices have fluctuated within a certain range over the past two weeks, and except for minor changes, prices have not experienced much fluctuation.

The price of each gram of 18-carat gold fluctuates in the range of one million and 100 to one million and 150 thousand tomans, and the price of the Azadi spring coin has also entered the price channel of 11 million tomans.

Now, positive expectations such as vaccine development and the FATF review could boost positive expectations and lower gold prices.

Gold market experts also predict that due to the relative stability of the dollar price in the market and the slow trend of the global gold market, the price of gold in the Iranian market will remain stable or slightly lower.

Earlier, however, some predictions suggested that it could change global market prices, possibly due to the spread of a new type of coronavirus in the UK. But it seems that the market has not fluctuated much.

Based on this, it can be said that due to the relative stability of the dollar price and the global gold market, the gold price will follow the current trend in the coming days.

Earlier, the Tehran Jewelry Union had announced that people are waiting for a further reduction in the price of gold, and for this reason, they have postponed their purchase of gold to the next few days, and the demand for gold in the market has decreased. A factor that can affect the relative stability of the gold price.

But how did the price of gold and coins change today?

The price of each gram of 18-carat gold increased slightly to one million and 147 thousand tomans, which shows an increase of about two thousand tomans per gram.

Also, the price of the new design coin was 11 million and 750 tomans, which shows that it has not changed compared to the previous day.

The price of a half coin is reported to be 6 million and 220 thousand Tomans. The price of a quarter coin is 4 million and 150 thousand tomans. The price of a gram coin has been two million and 350 thousand tomans, which indicates the relative stability of prices.