Gold price forecast today 9 دی 99

According to Tejarat News, the price of 18-carat gram gold in the open market was traded at 1,149,300 tomans yesterday. Also, the price of each coin reached 11 million and 800 thousand tomans during the whole spring of freedom. What are the forecasts for the price of gold and coins today?

According to Seyed Mahmoud Fazl Azar Sharbiani, inspector of the board of directors of the Tehran Gold Union, the price of gold depends on the price of the dollar and the world ounce. If the atmosphere in the foreign exchange market is calm tomorrow, the price of gold will remain stable.

In this regard, the world of economics wrote: According to some market analysts, the first factor that caused the failure of coin players to break the 12 million toman border was the decrease in the price of the dollar. Yesterday, the dollar lost 50 tomans by 3 o’clock in the afternoon and reached the price of 25,750 tomans.

In addition, the bubble in the coin market has made some applicants cautious to enter the market. The market value of the coin is still close to 5% of its intrinsic value. In fact, if the market conditions were normal, the coin would have been traded below 11 million and 400 thousand tomans.

This has led some traders to expect a further drop in coin prices and entry into the market in lower numbers. However, some activists argue that by the early fall, the bubble had risen above 15 percent and demand was still growing in the market.

They use this argument to point out that there is no relationship between the coin bubble and the desire of people to enter the market, however, it should be noted that at that time, the direction of expectations was different and the intensity The upward trend was such that people were willing to sometimes trade coins worth 2 million tomans above their intrinsic value. However, in the past month, a completely different situation has prevailed in the coin market.

This precious metal is imprisoned in a limited price range, and the limited fluctuations have exhausted those present in the coin market. Given that fluctuations have been limited and the price direction has been declining, it is natural for some people to look for coins in numbers that are more in line with the intrinsic value of this precious metal. Given this situation, it can be said that the internal factors of the coin market do not support much of the minimal growth of this market and even hope that prices will fall slightly.

However, the behavior of external variables such as global gold and the domestic market dollar may be such that it also puts coiners in a buying position. For example, if the world price of gold can go above the $ 1,900 mark or the dollar crosses the $ 26,000 mark, expectations in the coin market will increase and they may even ignore the precious metal bubble again. However, the situation in the foreign exchange market has not been to the liking of gamblers at the moment.

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