Gold Price Forecast (Tuesday, January 29)

According to Eqtesad Online, the head of the Tehran Jewelry Union believes: The gold market has reached a calm in prices and its changes are very small, so with the continuation of this trend, we can hope that the market will emerge from the recession in the last months of the year. The demand situation has not changed.

The gold market activist commented on the price trend in the coming days: At the beginning of the year, due to growing demand for foreign currency, the price of an ounce will rise, which could affect the price of domestic gold, if the central bank can raise the exchange rate. Control the price of gold and coins will not change much.

In the end, the president of the Gold Union stated: “Due to the constant value of the global ounce, today the price of gold and coins depends on the situation in the foreign exchange market. If the dollar continues to decline as yesterday, gold and coins will become cheaper.” Otherwise they will remain at current prices.