Gold prices rose Online Economy

Gold rose on Tuesday as the dollar depreciated and investors closely followed a Senate vote on a bill to increase the Crona cash subsidy to US citizens, according to Reuters.

According to reports EconomyOnline According to the report, the price of an ounce of gold rose 0.23 percent today to $ 1,877.98. Yesterday, after the approval of the stimulus package, it increased by about $ 900 billion to 1.3 percent. The yellow metal traded up 0.13 percent at $ 1,882.80 in futures for February delivery.

The dollar index against the basket of major world currencies fell and increased the attractiveness of gold for buyers who use non-dollar currencies.

The Democratic-majority US House of Representatives voted Monday in favor of Trump’s proposal to increase the Coroner subsidy to $ 2,000, and the fate of the bill is now in the hands of the Senate, which has a majority in the hands of Republicans.

Gold prices have risen more than 24 percent since the beginning of this year, largely due to stimulus packages from the world’s economies.

The initial distribution of 200 million doses of corona vaccine made by Pfizer and Biontec in Europe is likely to be completed by September.

The assets of SPDR Gold Trust, the largest investment fund in the gold market, increased by 0.2% yesterday to 1169.86 tons compared to Thursday. China’s gold imports through Hong Kong rose about 82 percent in November, according to official figures. Gold purchases from this route fell sharply in October.