Gold rose, bitcoin calmed down

According to Eqtesadnews, stock markets fluctuated more than other markets on Tuesday, as the Nikkei index experienced its first level in the last 30 years, but what happened in the foreign exchange and oil markets?

Gold and silver rose

According to Kitco, in today’s global trading session, gold, 0.3% and silver 0.27% again rose in the European open market.

The situation was similar on Monday, but at the end of yesterday’s trading, people looking for $ 1,900 an ounce of gold were disappointed.

At present, the price of an ounce of cash gold is $ 1882 and 30 cents.

Record a record in the stock market after 30 years

But what about the stock market? Asia-Pacific stocks rose on Tuesday after rising overnight on Wall Street.

In Japan, the Tokyo Nikkei 225 index led a profit in the region’s major markets, rising 2.66% to 27,568.15, a level not seen since August 1990.

Shares of heavyweights, retail index and Softbank Software Group gained 4.5% and 4.53%, respectively.

The Topix (Tokyo Stock Price Index) rose 1.74%, closing daily at 1819.18.

South Korea’s Kospi shares closed 0.42% higher at 2,820.51.

What was going on in the currency and oil markets?

In today’s trading market, the US dollar exchange rate fell to 90.069 after experiencing a high of 90.227.

The Japanese Yen exchange rate traded at $ 103.65 per dollar after falling from 103.4 against the dollar yesterday.

The Australian dollar traded at $ 0.76, hitting a low of $ 0.7575.

Brent crude traded up 0.69 percent at $ 51.21 a barrel. US crude traded up 0.65 percent at $ 47.93 a barrel.

Bitcoin calmed down

Bitcoin also fell by about one percent compared to the previous day to $ 26,607.