Good news for teachers and educators

Mohsen Haji Mirzaei in the first live program “Conversation with you” which was broadcast live on Shad channel and in conversation with teachers in Qom province, stated: This is my first conversation with you in response to the messages sent by your colleagues; There are about 6 million messages that my colleagues have categorized and sorted according to their frequencies. My goal is to talk each week about the points that my colleagues pay the most attention to.

He added: “One of the most important points that colleagues raised was about the presence of schools that were concerned about this.” International studies show that if the technical, software and hardware infrastructure for distance learning is complete, if students are equipped with the necessary tools, if teachers have full ability to teach in cyberspace, if students have the necessary ability to learn from Have a virtual route, if families have both the motivation and the ability to help their children get an education, education with 50% quality can be achieved.

The Minister of Education continued: “We have provinces that do not have access to these tools. Problems require us to think about face-to-face education; In many countries of the world, schools were the first place to be closed, and with the development of awareness and evaluations, they are gradually seeking to reopen their schools. Today, this policy is current in many countries, even with more cases and deaths than us.

The reopening of schools has no decisive effect on the prevalence of corona

Haji Mirzaei pointed out: “Studies show that there is no decisive effect between reopening and the spread of the disease, but studies also show that the distance of students from school has several consequences. He has a psyche.

He added: “The principle is that the school should be open, of course, in accordance with health protocols and instructions.” Whenever experts conclude that there are consequences in reopening schools in some areas, we will comply, but now the Corona headquarters has decided that the training will be in-person but with requirements.

Conditions for reopening schools

The Minister of Education referred to the conditions for reopening schools and said: “Schools should be open in all areas except the red areas and the administrative and executive staff should be present in the school. If we are looking for a central school, now is the time.” The first and second grade students should go to school and there should be a maximum of 10 people in the class. The health of the students is very important to us. By doing so, we consider health and education important.

The ranking of teachers is implemented in 1400

Haji Mirzaei also said about the teacher ranking system: in March, he gave the 10th grade to all the employees and 17% was added to the extraordinary educators in April. The ranking bill has been submitted to the government and is in the commission, the whole of which has been approved and its details will be finalized soon. We are trying to submit the bill to the parliament before the finalization of the budget, and its validity is also seen in the budget, and the time of its implementation is 1400.

We are waiting to receive money from the treasury to pay the tuition fee

He added: “Professional and professional competence of teachers in the ranking will be measured with appropriate criteria and will be ranked according to the scores and professional qualifications of teachers.”

The Minister of Education continued: “We have received the allocation of tuition fees for retired and employed teachers, and we intend to receive funds from the treasury, which will be done soon.”

The teacher ranking bill will go to the parliament in February

Ishaq Jahangiri, First Vice President:

Despite the reduction of government resources, we have tried to make educators, employees and workers less vulnerable.

I think we will be able to present the teacher ranking bill to the parliament in February, and we have foreseen the sources of its provision in next year’s budget, which we hope will be approved by the parliament.

Source: Tasnim