Good news for teachers and students

In the context of Corona and the need to comply with health protocols and in order to prevent interruptions in the process of educating students, on the eve of the reopening of schools and the beginning of the school year, a new happy version was unveiled.

Two-way live communication service (providing images and receiving other users’ pictures and comments immediately) is defined that after providing one-way service, developing two-way live communication service with the aim of holding online meetings of managers, holding parent-teacher meetings, holding interactive classes And in general, simultaneous video communication is created by happy users.

According to the report, the teacher in his online classrooms can hold interactive online classes with the aim of asking and answering students by choosing live two-way broadcasting, so that the initiator creates his online image in the group and other group members can send in Ask to participate live or post your questions for the teacher to answer live.

Also, the teacher can view the list of attendees live during the live broadcast; The live broadcast can be downloaded for up to 24 hours.

Source: Afkar News