Good news for the government for 700 thousand teachers from tonight + details

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology said: the free quarterly package of 700,000 teachers will be activated from 20:00 tonight, and this activation will gradually end by the first week of October. Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi added: the use of Shad network has become free all over the country and all operators have made the use of this network free for students and teachers.

He said: “Apart from Shad Network, teachers needed packages for virtual education. It was decided to activate free quarterly packages for 700,000 teachers and educational staff across the country who had registered in the Ministry of Communications system in April from 8 pm tonight.”

The Minister of Communications added: “Those teachers who currently have active packages, these packages will be stored for them and they can use those packages after the end of the three-month package.”

Azari Jahromi said: “The extension of these training packages for teachers is subject to the evaluation of the situation after these three months, and if virtual education continues, we will plan for it as well.”

Regarding the special package for students, he said: “A number of white sites are available to students, which have been coordinated with the Ministry of Education, and this package can be used for free through home and mobile operators, and with the same phone number as Students have registered in Shad Network. This package can be used.

The Minister of Communications added: “In addition to the happy network, the use of those packages will also be in domestic messengers. We will try to activate this package by the first of October.”

Connecting 86,000 schools

Azari Jahromi announced the free internet connection of 86,000 schools across the country and said: “Schools are currently in use.”

He added: “We promised three more packages for universities, students and professors that from the beginning of October, all the universities that the Ministry of Science has announced to us, the educational sites they need will be free.”

The Minister of Communications said: “We have also planned a package for students and professors, and the registration process will begin by the beginning of October.”

Jahromi said: “With these measures, the education justice emphasized by the Supreme Leader will be realized and the order of the President will be implemented.”

He added: “We are with students, teachers, students and professors, and in addition to providing infrastructure at their expense, we also participate so that no one is deprived of education.”

Source: IRNA