Government facilities for reconstruction and modernization of wooden vessels

The Director General of the Arab and African Office of the Trade Development Organization of Iran, in a meeting to review the problems of cargo transportation by launches to the Persian Gulf countries, while introducing the recent government facilities in the field of reconstruction and modernization of wooden vessels, He emphasized.

According to ILNA, Farzad Pilten explained the general situation of the launches in the southern provinces of the country: about two thousand launches active in the four provinces of Hormozgan, Bushehr, Khuzestan and Sistan and Baluchestan are responsible for transporting goods between the southern ports of the country and the Gulf countries. They are in charge of Fars.

He said that the problems of small vessels are divided into internal and external categories, adding: about 40% of the boats are worn out, problems related to the impossibility of using reconstruction facilities and fuel problems of these vessels, the lack of a trade union staff and some Regulations on border passports and cocoon cards are internal problems.

Pilten continued: “In the external dimension, port restrictions of taste as well as the collection of some tolls have created obstacles.”

It should be noted that the introduction of recent government facilities in the field of reconstruction and modernization of wooden vessels, assistance in obtaining these facilities by the Ports and Maritime Organization, the formation of a special association of small vessels, holding joint meetings with the Ministry of Oil, Ministry of Labor and closer relations with The Organization of Ports and its Parties in the Persian Gulf Countries was another issue raised at the meeting.

It is worth mentioning that this meeting was held in the presence of the representatives of Minab and Abadan Survivors Cooperatives, Ports and Maritime Organizations and Silence of Khuzestan Province and it was decided to reflect the problems to the relevant agencies and take the necessary steps to resolve them.