Hajimirzai explains about 3 methods of attracting teachers

Minister of Education Mohsen Haji Mirzaei told reporters on the sidelines of a meeting with the chairman of the parliament’s education commission: “In this meeting, detailed discussions were held about manpower, education credits, justice and quality of education, new ecosystem and the formation of virtual education.” .

He added: “In the last two years, the share of the government budget for education is more than the share that is allocated to this ministry in the integration commission, that is, the amount allocated by the government in the integration commission is reduced.” As the sum of the other rows goes up, the share of education goes down, so we ask you to consider the share of education as expected.

The Minister of Education clarified about the privatization of education by the government and the reduction of the share of education in the public budget of the government: This statement is not correct because the share that the government allocates for education in the parliament has decreased and not increased. We requested this process and they will definitely help not to reduce the share of education.

Receive 13 thousand billion tomans in addition to the approved budget

Haji Mirzaei continued: “This year, the government provided special support for education and more than 13 thousand billion tomans more than the figure provided in the approved annual budget of education was allocated to education, which will end to increase the salaries of educators and pay bonuses.” It was a service.

The main policy of education is the quality development of public schools

The Minister of Education noted: “Our policy has not changed, so the first priority is the quality development of public schools because more than 89% of our schools are public and we owe the quality of services we provide, so the policy of this ministry is to strongly support public schools and promote Its quality. Of course, non-governmental schools also work alongside them and provide good assistance to education. 11% of our students study in non-governmental schools.

80,000 informal teachers must be assigned

Haji Mirzaei, in response to the question of what the number of graduates of Farhangian and Rajai University are, will no longer need education to employ the teaching staff? He said: “Currently, our problem is not the capacity of Farhangian University because it revolves around education There are about 80,000 people who have been pre-school teachers, service purchasers, soldier soldiers and teaching teachers and are currently employed, so they should be assigned so that these people are not assigned. If we complete all the needs from Farhangian University, these people are undecided. They stay.

He continued: “We predicted that by 1404, the process of manpower needs will be done in terms of province, region, gender and field of study, and we will create the necessary capacity in Shahid Rajaei and Farhangian universities in accordance with the needs.”

The Minister of Education said: “Currently, according to the calculations, the way to enter education is through three ways: student teachers, Article 28 and the change in the status of individuals and the sum of these will be balanced by 1404 and will provide the manpower we need.” کرد.