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Hamid Goodarzi Born on December 23, 1977, he is an acting graduate of the Faculty of Art and Architecture of Tehran Azad University. Hamid Goodarzi began his artistic career by starring in the play “Esperanza Ship” directed by Mohammad Rahmanian. Hamid Goodarzi’s first cinematic experience is a short role in the movie “Sohrab” directed by Saeed Soheili.



Biography of Hamid Goodarzi:

Name: Hamid Goodarzi

Hamid Goodarzi’s birthday: December 2, 1977

Place of birth: Tehran

Iranian nationality

Profession: Acting

Ex-wife: Mandana Daneshvar

Degree: Acting graduate from the Faculty of Art and Architecture of Tehran Azad University

Personal life of Hamid Goodarzi:

Hamid Goodarzi lived in a family of four. They are 14 years older than his mother. He has a sister who reads graphics but loves to practice law. Hamid Goodarzi’s father is a carpet trader and his mother is a housewife. Both Hamid Goodarzi’s father and mother were opposed to him becoming an actor.

He got married on September 11, 2004. He is right with his wife. He is a fanatic in life Hamid Goodarzi is 100% against his wife’s artistic activity. Hamid Goodarzi does not even want anyone to see his wife.

He got depressed for a while because of playing in the series “Help Me”. No one in the world becomes a mother.

Hamid Goodarzi loves Paris. He is very interested in mobile.

In addition to acting, Hamid Goodarzi also trades in carpets and chocolates. He hates fame and becoming a superstar.

It means peace with two factors of health and wealth

He is very interested in Esteghlal team. He loves swimming, boxing, tennis and bodybuilding.

Hamid Goodarzi’s wife is a housewife and opposes Hamid’s artistic activity. Hamid Goodarzi is bound, his prayers cannot be made up, he does not forget health in his wishes. He loves prayer and supplication. In his opinion, man achieves vulgarity and repetition without prayer and spirituality.

Hamid Goodarzi is very good at bargaining when shopping, and when he succeeds, it is as if he has done a great job.

He is very dependent on his family and his wife and even kept in touch with his wife while traveling.

Hamid Goodarzi loves piano and saxophone. He is very interested in giving and receiving gifts.

He regrets that some artists hide their marriages from people and their fans, and they believe that they have a cultural weakness.

Hamid Goodarzi has announced on his page that the reason for Hamid Goodarzi’s divorce from his wife was Mandana Daneshvar’s pressure to leave the country and that Hamid Goodarzi’s wife left Iran was the reason for Hamid Goodarzi and his wife’s divorce.

Hamid Goodarzi himself has been his main motivator.

Hamid Goodarzi’s films:

2014: Iran Burger (Masoud Jafari Jozani)

2014: Fox (Behrouz Afkhami)

2010: Jordan Street Thieves (Vahid Eslami)

2010: Women are amazing (Mehrdad Farid)

2010: We are three people (Mehrdad Farid)

2009: Shy Groom (Arash Meyarian)

2009: 24th Street (Saeed Asadi)

2008: Kish and Mat (Jamshid Heydari)

2007: Reflection (Reza Karimi)

2007: Retaliation (Saeed Asadi)

2007: Quarantine (Manouchehr Hadi)

2007: Majnoon Lily (Qasem Jafari)

2006: Unfaithful (Asghar Naimi)

2006: My Sin (Mehrshad Karkhani)

2005: Left hand (Arash Meyarian)

2005: Online Murder (Massoud Abparvar)

2004: Loser (Qasem Jafari)

2002: Mahtab Sons (Army in the Dark) (Mehdi Vadadi)

1999: Sohrab (Saeed Soheili)

Serials of Hamid Goodarzi:

2013 Relatively bad children (Sirus Moghaddam)

1391 Zaman (Hassan Fathi)

2010 Icy Heart (Mohammad Hossein Latifi)

2009 The Fifth Sun (Alireza Afkhami)

2004 Help me (Qasem Jafari)

2004 Cold Fever (Alireza Afkhami)

2002 Traveler from India (Qasem Jafari)

1378 Dani and I are a children’s series