Hassan Rouhani sent a letter amending the 1400 budget bill to the speaker of parliament

According to the Baaqtesad news website, Ali Rabiee announced during today’s news program that Hassan Rouhani had sent a letter of correction to Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf and said: “In this letter, it has been announced that 53,000 billion tomans have been spent on selling the bonds and 40,000 Billion tomans is also done through savings, and accordingly, the budget ceiling will increase by 13,000 billion tomans.

Ali Nikzad, the deputy speaker of the parliament, also confirmed the event and said: “Considering the protests of the deputies against the way the budget was prepared, the president sent a letter to the parliament to amend the budget, which will be submitted to the budget consolidation commission.”

Mojtaba Tavangar, a member of the Budget Consolidation Commission, also announced: “If the government cooperates in amending the required items, the general budget bill will probably be approved by the Integration Commission.”