Hassan Rouhani’s slogan for Yalda night to the people of Iran + film

Addressing the people as a recommendation for Yalda night, the President addressed the people today, December 20, at the meeting of the Corona Countermeasures Headquarters:

Hassan Rouhani's slogan for Yalda night to the people of Iran + film

In another part of his speech, the President emphasized: The number of red corona cities has reached zero, while in December we were very worried about the corona situation in Iran. Now we do not have a red city; This is due to the efforts of the people.

In the first six months of this year, our economic growth without oil is positive

Hojjat-ul-Islam and Muslims Hassan Rouhani said at the meeting of the National Headquarters against Corona: “It is an honor for our nation that in the first six months of this year, our economic growth was positive with oil and non-oil.” Although this growth did not occur in some occupations, it did occur in agriculture and industry.

He added: “We hope that this economic growth will continue in the second half of the year.” We also predict that our economic growth will be positive next year. I hope we can curb inflation and create the conditions for economic growth in the service sector.

Referring to Yalda night, Rouhani said: “We ask people on Yalda night, because it coincides with Nurse’s Day, to support nurses and support the health of the people in the Yalda ceremony, which is always based on respect for the family and mercy.” For the health of the elders of the family, the visits should be stopped and they should perform this ceremony without attending by phone and cyberspace.

Recalling that in the last two months, people, businesses, guilds, public transport and families have worked hard to reduce the spread of the corona, he said: “We were very worried on December 1 and 160 of our cities were red, but now the number of our red cities is zero And we do not have a red city, this is due to the efforts and greatness of the dear people.

He continued: “People in the conditions of Corona, the government and the medical staff and all the forces that took the burden of responsibility, joined hands and it was the unity, empathy and trust of the people in the country’s health expertise that saved us from this terrible wave.” Give.

The President emphasized: When we looked at the statistics and graphs, almost everywhere the third wave was more than the previous wave. The virus had gotten stronger and we had a cold.

Rouhani continued by saying that we should not gather in Yalda so that we do not decrease: the cold weather is effective because the doors and windows are closed and everyone gathers in a limited environment and the transmission environment becomes more ready and more problems occur.

“Our economic growth is 1.4 percent without oil and 1.3 percent with oil,” he said. “Some businesses have closed or been unable to operate, especially in the tourism and services sectors, but in a situation where most countries Faced with negative economic growth minus 7, minus 9 and minus 5, countries with positive economic growth are limited, and we are among the countries that have had positive economic growth for the first six months, despite the problems of sanctions and economic warfare, as well as the corona.

Referring to the education of students through radio and cyberspace, the President said: “In the first and second grades of primary school, they face problems when there is no face-to-face education, and today one of the issues discussed at this meeting was that measures for the basic Let’s do the first and second grade, which was postponed to the next two weeks, and it was decided that the camp would do more research in this area.

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