Heavy drop of 25 thousand stock units at the end of trading

According to Eghtesadnews, the total index of Tehran Stock Exchange at the end of today’s trading in the capital market fell by 25,000 units (equivalent to a decrease of -1.7%) to the level of 1,412,000 units.

The total homogeneous index also turned red and recorded 465,482 units with a drop of 3,600 units. The total OTC index also reached 19 thousand 976 units.

Effective symbols

Famli, Shasta, Fars Foolad, Khodro, Shepna and Shebandar were the most influential symbols on the index red, and “Kama”, “Shasta”, “Shepna” were the three most popular symbols of today’s stock market.

The value of stock exchange and OTC trading

The value of stock exchange transactions was more than 13200 billion Tomans and the value of OTC transactions was 6900 billion Tomans.

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