Hiring a sales and marketing expert at Amico Yasna Pars in Tehran

Sales and marketing expert

Gender: Sir, Madam

Type of cooperation: full time

Minimum age: 25 years and maximum 30 years

Education: Having at least a bachelor’s degree

Work experience: At least three years in sales and marketing

Relative familiarity with English

Ability to visit the office in person

Suitable for time visits in the evenings

Ability to travel inside and outside Iran

High ability to communicate effectively with customers

Ability to close the deal and reach the season and year targets

High work ethic, positive attitude, high perseverance

Flexible and has a high tolerance for work under stress

Working days are Saturday to Wednesday

Having rights

Sales-based rewards

Social security insurance from the first day of employment

Travel costs

Mobile right

Eligible applicants are requested to send their resume to the following email.


Email [email protected]

Address: The company is located in Shariati St., at the intersection of Sadr Bridge