Hiring teachers in one step?

According to Eqtesadonline, the Ministry of Education announced the annex to the circular on determining the employment duties of tutors and instructors of the literacy movement.

In this circular it is stated: ‌ Following the circular dated 15 Azar 99 on the subject of the method of the law of interpretation of the annexation of an article to the law determining the employment of teachers and instructors of the literacy movement approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly on 15 May 99, a note except 2-6 paragraph (6) and a paragraph as paragraph (16) is attached to the said procedure.

Note: If the employees of the tuition fee who are employed and have a personal code, are not able to provide financial documents to receive salaries from public participation, provided that they cooperate with education and have other legal conditions and approval of the regional and city working group and acceptance. Legal responsibility for the accuracy of information is included in the list of those subject to change of status; The list of persons subject to this note must be approved by the working group and the director general of the province.

Clause 16. In order to ensure the correct and fair implementation of the law and guarantee the rights of stakeholders, the provincial working group subject to this procedure is obliged to receive complaints and possible objections of individuals and by thoroughly reviewing the documents provided by the plaintiff and fulfilling the legal requirements. , The file should be sent to the Human Resources Planning and Administrative Affairs Center for final review and plan in the Human Capital Committee of the relevant ministry.