Holding a meeting to review the corona vaccine in the European Union

EU pharmacists are discussing the licensing of the coronavirus Pfizer / BioNech vaccine today (Monday).

The vaccine will be the first to be approved in the European Union if the European Medicines Agency approves the coronavirus Pfizer / BioNet vaccine. However, before the IAEA member states can begin the process of distributing the vaccine, the European Commission must submit the final approval of the vaccine, which is expected to be December 23.

Last week, the president of the European Commission said that coronavirus vaccination would start on December 27 in European countries.

The European Union has purchased more than two billion doses of coronavirus vaccine to ensure equal access to all member states from the summer.

On Saturday, Switzerland, a member of the European Union, approved the Pfizer / BioNec vaccine, according to ISNA, quoting CNN. Earlier, Britain and the United States approved emergency use of the coronavirus vaccine.