Holding the annual general assembly of Ghadir investment

Annual General Assembly Ghadir Investment It ended with the fiscal year of Azar 1399 with the presence of 80% of the shareholders of this holding.

At the beginning of the meeting, the CEO of Ghadir Investment Company presented a report on the company’s performance.

Seyyed Amir Abbas Hosseini said: “This company is a multi-disciplinary company that includes different disciplines in the country and has an industrial factory or construction project almost all over Iran.” Relying on specialized manpower, Ghadir Investment Company identifies the most attractive opportunities in the primary and secondary domestic and international markets and invests in them through knowledge and technology-based holdings, trying to meet the expectations of all stakeholders, especially shareholders. سازد. Based on this, the company’s horizon for the year 1402 has been formulated as follows.

Ghadir Investment Company on the horizon of 1402 is a company: rich in value for stakeholders, especially shareholders; Knowledge-based and expert; Learner and flexible; Environmental and community friendly; Learn from past experiences and current knowledge; Leader, guide and value creator for all subsidiaries. During this period, after reviewing the performance of subsidiaries and identifying low-yield loss companies, it was decided to merge or liquidate 24 companies. It was also decided that Ghadir would leave areas that were not relevant to his work.

He added: 56% of the value of Ghadir investment is in Parsian Oil and Gas Development Group Company. 16% in Pars Petrochemical and about 24% based on the daily value of listed companies are related to industries and mines. 84% of the urea production capacity and 22% of the country’s crude oil refining capacity are in the holding companies of this holding. Ghadir Investment Company owns about 68% of the company’s shares, the last registered capital of which is 40,500 billion rials. Ghadir Cement Holding Company is one of the three largest cement production complexes in the country and has a major share in cement production in the country.

Regarding the company’s performance on the stock exchange, the CEO of Ghadir Investment Company said: “Ghadir shares on the stock exchange underwent changes in accordance with the market behavior and the performance of shareholders.” The value of this company in the stock market is currently 93 thousand billion tomans and is known as the second most valuable company in multi-disciplinary companies. In comparison, the registered capital of Ghadir company is in the fifteenth rank. But Ghadir company performed better than the stock market index.

Hosseini pointed out that the company’s net profit reached 110,000 billion tomans in the year ending December 21, 2010. Accordingly, the company’s rate of return increased compared to 1998, although it did not grow significantly. The stock price at the end of this fiscal year was 1297. Ghadir ranked first among production companies among multidisciplinary companies. Among the top 500 companies in the country, it ranked third with a growth of 71%.

He also announced the initial public offering of one of the company’s subsidiaries on the stock exchange. This year, 6 projects were put into operation and 44 projects are currently underway in Ghadir. The dollar value of these projects is about $ 20 billion.

It is worth mentioning that at the end of the meeting, the CEO of Ghadir Investment Company proposed a profit of 70 Tomans per share for the year 1400 and said: Approved the price per share for the year 1400, 80 tomans per share.