Homayoun Shajarian’s nostalgia for his father / Photo

Homayoun Shajarian By publishing this photo, he wrote:

Happy birthday to you dear ones

O blessed king of sorrow alone

Your heart came to life without you, it ‘s time to come back

The flowers of this garden do not stay fresh forever

Find the weak in time of ability

Last night, I also complained about the wind

You made a mistake, you saddened me

Hundreds of Sabas dance here with a series

This is an opponent of the heart until the wind blows

An eagerness and abandonment away from you made me so

Goat wants to be the end of patience

Or the Lord who perhaps said this point in the universe

He did not show his face to anyone, he witnessed it everywhere

The butler of the flower grass is not colored without you

Make boxwood to make a garden

O pain combined with treatment in the bed of failure

And’s remembering you in a lonely corner

In the circle of our part we submit the point

Thanks to what you think, the verdict is what you say

Your thoughts and your opinion are not in Randy’s world

Infidelity in this religion is selfishness and arrogance

Saddle gives me a bloody enamel circle

To solve this problem in Saghar Minaei

Hafez was embarrassed at night

Happy happiness oh mania lover