Home appliances are not cheap – Trade News

According to Tejarat News, it was February 1997 that with the daily increase in the price of the dollar, the prices of all goods became more expensive. At that time, some of those who wanted to buy dowry held their hands due to the high price of home appliances in the hope that the price of goods would become cheaper.

At the time, Mohammad Tahanpour, the former head of the Home Appliance Traders’ Union, told the public in controversial interviews: “Next year we will have an exceptionally high price increase. Maybe people are waiting for something to happen, I tell them not to wait and buy their goods in the market.” Market participants still believe this statement.

Mohammad Hossein Eslamian believes that the price of home appliances will become cheaper while cheap raw materials will be provided to producers within the next year. This is while the price of the dollar is 25 thousand tomans one day and 26 thousand and 27 thousand tomans the next day in the channel.

Decreasing demand has a psychological dimension

“Demand in the home appliance market has decreased,” the vice president of the Home Appliance Traders’ Union told Tejaratnews about the home appliance market trend. Declining demand has a psychological dimension and people are waiting for cheap. However, the prices of raw materials in the home appliance industry have not dropped.

According to Islamian, the price of home appliances becomes cheaper when the price of production components, ie raw materials such as steel, petrochemicals, aluminum and copper, becomes cheaper so that the producer can have long-term plans in this industry and produce cheap goods.

The home appliance market activist stated: 70% of the raw materials of home appliances are. Raw material prices have not fallen in recent months. Currency prices also fluctuate constantly. People think that by reducing currency fluctuations, the price of home appliances will also go down, which is not the case.