Home dressing service + costs

Many diseases and injuries to the body need to be bandaged and changed regularly.

According to ISNA, according to Home Ka, most people who have to put dressings on areas of their body, do not have the ability to perform physical movements such as standing, walking, etc., and therefore in most cases the ability and conditions to get out of They do not have a home.

On the other hand, although tying a dressing at home seems simple and easy, it is not recommended at all by non-professionals and inexperienced people. Because irreparable damage may be done to the sick person.

In this text, we want to introduce you to Home Ka dressing services and explain about the concept, types and steps of home dressing.

Home dressing service

Before introducing the home dressing service that Home Ka team has prepared for you dear ones, it is better to talk a little about the benefits of dressing and its types. A dressing derived from the French word pansement means a kind of protective covering on the wound.

Its benefits include controlling the bleeding process, accelerating wound healing, preventing germs from entering the wound, maintaining the temperature and humidity of the affected area, absorbing perspiration at the site to prevent infection, and so on.

There are different types of dressings and each is used depending on the severity and type of wound. Bandages, gauze, foam dressing, transparent dressing, camphil dressing (hydrocolloid), hydrogel dressing, allergen dressing and collagen dressing are among the types of dressings.

Home-based dressing services are provided on site by experienced and professional nurses. To enjoy dressing services at home, you can contact the experts in this collection and answer the questions that our experts ask you carefully.

After receiving your initial information and registering it, Home Ka nurses will come to your home as soon as possible and take the necessary measures based on your request. It is worth mentioning that the tariff for home dressing in the Home Ka complex is in accordance with the tariff of the relevant regulatory bodies.

Steps of dressing at home

The whole process of dressing at home includes controlling bleeding, controlling pain and closing the injured area. Now we are going to explain this process to you step by step to get more familiar with the work process. In the first stage, the desired area is washed with substances such as betadine, saline, oxygenated water or hot water and soap.

Of course, washing deep wounds with heavy bleeding is not recommended at all. Instead, the wound should be covered with a clean, sterile cloth and the rest of the dressing should be done. But in a situation where there is not much bleeding, to clean and sanitize the skin environment, the affected area should be thoroughly washed with soap and water before dressing.

If you use a dressing to treat the bites and bites of animals such as dogs, it is better to prolong the washing process. Next, the bleeding must be stopped or controlled. To do this, close the two sides of the gap created in the skin and press it. Of course, the hand must be completely disinfected before any action.

After the bleeding control phase, it is time to bandage the wound. Depending on the depth of the wound and the person’s needs, we use the appropriate type of dressing, such as gauze, bandage, foam, hydrogel, camphil, etc., and cover the wound with it. The size of the dressing should be commensurate with the size of the wound. Naturally, large and deep wounds need more dressing.

Cost of dressing on site

In many cases, the person is injured or injured in an unforeseen event and immediately needs a dressing. But injuries that require dressing are not always unpredictable. For example, changing the dressings of diabetic patients should be done regularly and planned.

However, Home Ka Nursing and Treatment Company tries to do the most service for your health and comfort by sending specialists to your home in the shortest possible time.

The cost of dressing at home is determined based on the latest tariff for medical services approved by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education. Of course, the cost of transportation and dressing equipment will also be added to the final amount.

To order home dressing services at Home Ka with number 02191025595 Call or visit the site https://www.homeca.ir Click on the free registration option and leave the rest to our experienced professionals.

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