Home nursing services should be covered by insurance

Maryam Hazrati Deputy of Nursing Ministry of Health In celebration of the day Nurse He said: “I am very proud to announce in the World Year of Nurses, which has been named the Year of Nurses and Midwives by the World Health Organization, that our health care staff has been serving coronary patients under double pressure for more than 300 days, and many of them have died.” Have.

He added: “Today is the birthday of Aqila Bani Hashem, a model of patience. Corona showed that no progress in societies can replace nurses. In all Islamic and non-Islamic, religious and non-religious, there are fewer jobs than It is honored

Hazrati added: “With the scientific approach of Iranian nursing, the exchange of Western countries is moving. The existence of more than 190 nursing schools and 44,000 students in 14 different trends shows the strength of Iranian nursing.”

He said that the payment of nurses should be delayed by an average of 4 months, adding that in February 1998, nurses’ salaries increased by 50%, a 40% increase in the number of contract workers and organizing the status of the company’s nurses was one of the continuous pursuits of the deputy nursing.

The Deputy Minister of Nursing of the Ministry of Health said: the workload of 1998 has been settled and some universities are up to date in paying arrears. Thousands of nurses in Corona have also been honored. Planning to train an ICU Special Nurse was another step.

“A small number of 89-day nurses are working and we are requesting their employment,” he said. The regulations for the establishment of care and care centers for patients who are not able to be hospitalized and need to be hospitalized for a long time should be announced. Insurance coverage for home care patient services should be considered.