Honoring the CEO of Khorasan Steel for the nurses working in the company

According to Shaman News, quoting the public relations of Khorasan Steel, the ceremony of honoring the medical staff working in the emergency unit of Khorasan Steel was held in the presence of a group of senior managers of the company and the CEO appreciated the efforts of these colleagues, especially the actions taken in In order to control the corona epidemic this year, he considered these valuable efforts as the reason for the success of Khorasan Steel Complex as one of the major industrial complexes.

Kasra Ghafouri in this ceremony, which was held today, Monday, December 1, 2016, in the presence of the managers of security, public relations, management office, “Safety, Health and Environment (HSE)” in the company’s emergency room, said: Khorasan Steel Complex from At the beginning of the outbreak of Covid 19 disease, both inside the complex and in order to help the surrounding community in Neishabour, Firoozeh and Zabrkhan counties, it has tried to be a helper of the hard-working treatment staff and the efforts of our nurse colleagues inside the Khorasan Steel site Will not be forgotten.

The CEO of Khorasan Steel added: “The efforts of the medical staff, especially the nurses, will not be compensated, and we all know what difficult and exhausting days they and their families are going through to serve the people in the current situation, and I am proud to express my gratitude.” Remind us of these efforts.

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