Hormozgan Steel Hattrick in the year of production jump

According to Eqtesadonline; Seyed Asghar Madani, Vice President of Hormozgan Steel Company, stated: Hormozgan Steel Company men’s steel could break the monthly production record for the third time and set a new record by producing 139,478 tons of slabs and add another golden leaf to the honors of Hormozgan Steel Company. He further said: “Our hard-working colleagues in Hormozgan Steel Company proved that it is possible to achieve consecutive records by relying on God and effort.”

He concluded: “Due to the corona virus epidemic in the third wave, which has led to more restrictions at the company level, as well as the problems and restrictions caused by the oppressive US sanctions, we were able to break the previous production record in the steelmaking sector.” And move the third production record in the last 4 months, which shows the determination of the hardworking staff of the company in order to exceed the nominal annual production capacity and achieve a new production record of the year in the steelmaking and continuous casting unit and thus fulfill the slogan. Is a production mutation.

He added: “Recording of successive records has been done with the efforts and teamwork of the company’s employees and contractors and the unwavering support of the esteemed CEO.”

Hormozgan Steel Company’s Vice President of Operation stated that the previous records were 138,226 tons in November and 137,391 tons in September of this year.

He added that the company will make every effort to produce maximum production by the end of this year, considering its commitment to meet the needs of domestic steel companies and also maintain its share of export markets.

Hamed Jamshidinia, Director of Hormozgan Steel, also told the public relations reporter about the most important reasons for achieving this record: The most important reasons for achieving this production record are reducing emergency stops and equipment delays in steelmaking and continuous casting, increasing the production speed of furnaces, reducing Melting preparation time, increasing the quality of sponge iron production, improving the quality of arc furnace slag, continuous control of the production process and the efforts of raw material and spare parts purchasing units in order to increase the quality of raw materials and spare parts.