Housing market developments report; How long will housing prices continue to grow?

After a long delay of 5 months by the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development in order to publish statistics and information on the housing market in Tehran, the Ministry proceeded to publish statistics in a new format.

According to the details published by the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, the average housing price in the first eight months of 1999 in the capital is estimated at 21 million and 864 thousand tomans.

This is while the average price per square meter of a residential unit in 1389 was equal to 1 million 576 thousand tomans. This means that the price of housing in Tehran has faced an astronomical growth of 1300% in 10 years.

The new format for publishing housing statistics by the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development is such that housing prices in other provinces of the country will be published from now on.

Accordingly, the average housing price in the country is estimated at 15 million and 263 thousand tomans. Also, the average price in 24 provinces of the country is less than 10 million Tomans, 4 provinces between 10 to 20 million Tomans and the average price of housing in only 2 provinces is more than 20 million Tomans.

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Housing prices in the capital are 9 times higher than housing prices in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad

Based on the provided details, Tehran, Khuzestan and Fars are in the first to third most expensive provinces of the country with average prices of 27.8 million Tomans, 23.5 million Tomans and 12.4 million Tomans, respectively.

Also, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad, Ilam and Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari provinces with average prices of 3.2 million Tomans, 4 million Tomans and 4.1 million Tomans are considered as 3 cheap provinces in the field of housing market.

Housing market statistics in the provinces of the country were published while not comparing these statistics with the data of previous months and not knowing the percentage of increase or decrease in housing prices is one of the problems raised by experts.