How does the buyer’s site guide users in online shopping?

We, as buyers, talk to you frankly about the goods you see around you every day. The principle of honesty is the most important principle we adhere to when reviewing and introducing products.

What is the best brand of pressure cooker?

Which TV table is better?

What to buy an electric mixer, okay?

Which travel tent is suitable for traveling?

If you decided to go hiking today, which mountaineering tent would you choose? What are the reputable brands of mountaineering tents?

Which tent model is right for your needs?

What are the buyers’ opinions about your chosen tent? How popular is this tent model?

This is where buying site products like It helps you to know better the desired product and the best brands related to that product and you have a better choice in buying the desired product.

The buyer site is an online shopping guide for a variety of goods, a site that examines different goods in different fields and provides you with the necessary information before buying goods.

For example, when buying a kitchen hood, it introduces you to the best brands of kitchen hoods, teaches you how to test a kitchen hood.

Finally, it introduces the best and best-selling samples available in the online market along with the purchase link.

One example of a global buyer is the wirecutter site, which reviews the product on Amazon and other online stores in exactly the same way and on a global scale.

Buyer site

Buyer and home appliances and kitchen

The buyer’s site started with a review of home and kitchen appliances and is entering other product categories. The buyer has authors who each work in a specific product group and review those products.

The authors of the buyer site first obtain the necessary information about the desired product group and tell you the golden tips before buying the product so that you can choose with open eyes.

Then, they introduce the best of the desired product group along with the product details and purchase link, not to mention that the buyer writers pay special attention to the buyers ‘opinions when reviewing each product, so that you are informed of the buyers’ opinions before buying.

What stores does the buyer introduce?

The buyer is currently cooperating with the Digi Kala Group, but in the near future, any store that launches its sales cooperation system and offers quality products can be introduced on the buyer’s site.

For example, thisiswhyimbroke site, which works in the field of sales cooperation, reviews different products from different stores.

How does a buyer’s site make money?

The buyer is an affiliate marketing site that currently works with Digikala.

Making money in the field of affiliate marketing is based on earning a commission from the sale of the product, that is, when you buy a product from Digikala, a certain commission is paid to the buyer.

This allows us to have no particular bias on a particular product and to review different products quite fairly, because it does not matter to us, for example, which model of electric mixer you choose.

We adhere to ethics and try to have the fairest possible reviews to review products, and our ultimate goal is that you do not need to research and review to buy a product and easily open the buyer’s site and the name of the item Search for comments and read reviews.

Do goods really need to be reviewed?

There may be an idea of ​​what the goods need to be reviewed at all, unless all the goods are digital and need a lot of review.

But the truth is that every product needs its own reviews, for example, when you are going to buy a simple bodybuilding cache, do you know with what resistance to buy the cache?

Do we know by default what types of bodybuilding stretches are?

Do we know which are the most reputable bodybuilding brands?

On the other hand, you may say to yourself that it is excellent, if the product in question has a lot of complexity, then it is very easy to go to the most expensive, which is definitely the best.

But the most expensive products on the market are not necessarily the best for you, many expensive products include features that are never used, or that are several times more expensive than other products because of a particular brand or brand.

The buyer’s goal is to choose the best product, at the best price and with sufficient features and requirements.

Let me give you an example, suppose you spent a few million tomans and bought a toaster oven, and this is while your main use of this device is to heat breakfast bread.

But if you knew that a simple toaster can be suitable for heating breakfast bread, you would not spend several million tomans to buy a toaster oven, while you are never going to use the advanced facilities of a toaster oven.

Or if you were familiar with the functionality and differences of a toaster, microwave and gas oven, you would buy a device that does all three things for you and will cost you less.

So it is not always the case that if we go to a famous and prominent brand without checking, we will definitely have a successful purchase, your needs and expectations from the product are always a priority.