How many people watched TV on Yalda night?

The Radio and Television Research Center published a poll of people about the special programs of this year’s Yalda night and announced that the number of viewers of these special programs has increased by 4.3% compared to last year and has reached 43.2%.

The poll also shows that 77.1% of people have watched national media programs, including serials, movies, contests, news, and so on.

Among the special Yalda night programs that were broadcast on Sima channels, “Dorhemi” program on Nasim network with 15.1% and “Zoji No” on Seh network with 14.1% had more viewers than other programs. “Dastpakht” contest from Channel One is in the third place with 10.4% of viewers. 84.9% of people are satisfied with “Durhami”, 85.9% with “New Couple” and 89.6% with “Dastpakht” to a large extent.

According to the poll, in total, 70.9% of the people expressed “high” satisfaction with the special Yalda night programs.

According to a poll conducted by the Radio and Television Research Center, 63.4% of people believe that this year’s special programs were “better” than last year. While 65.1% of people did not criticize these programs, 10.9% considered “not happy”, 4.8% “lack of diversity” and 4.6% “not attractive” as their most important criticism of broadcast programs. Announced.

The Radio and Television Research Center stated that 5.7% of the people were also “special listeners of Yalda night programs of sound networks”. 8.9% of the “provincial networks” are sitting at Yalda’s table.

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