How much is an abortion to receive compensation / loss of insurance companies from fake accidents?

Online Economy Seyedeh Zahra Mahmoudi; Man has always tried to reduce the damage done to him in various ways; Loss reduction as we know it today; But in the past, the method of reducing this damage has been different; In China, for example, merchants shipped their cargo to several seas on different days to minimize damage, so that not all of them would be damaged in the event of an accident.

In the last century, the solution to reduce losses is no longer the same as in the past, and insurance has become an integral part of people’s lives. Although the scope of insurance was initially limited and existed only in a few cases such as fires, over time insurance entered all areas of human life. From home and car and workshop to anything else you can think of.

Fake accidents are a problem for insurance companies

An issue that insurance companies have been dealing with for a long time is fake accidents to get compensation. Some people stage scenes and face-to-face accidents with the aim of obtaining damages from insurance companies. In these accidents, the person or vehicle is injured; Intentional damage to get damages or ransom. This has become a major problem for insurance companies and costs them dearly every year. Eqtesadonline has talked to Mustafa Maleki, the director of car insurance at Mellat Insurance Company, about this.

Mostafa Maleki said about fake accidents: “These accidents exist all over the world to get blood money and are not unique to Iran.” In the past, sketch documents were forged to obtain ransom, which was no longer possible with the online system, and people resorted to fake accidents. When we talk about fake accidents, that is, the emergency services, the police, etc. come to the scene, something accidental happened and the scene of the accident really exists. These crashes usually happen with old, low-end cars.

He continued: “In fake accidents, the most damage is done to the head and face; Because it has a high blood money and the injuries are usually superficial. One of the most common points in this type of accident is a broken nose and teeth; Because a broken nose is considered to be 10% of full insurance, ie about 33 million Tomans, and there is no difficult recovery period; Fractures of the limbs are also common in fake accidents, which we find to be due to direct impact fractures.

“Some of these gangs go to the suburbs,” Maliki said. Some pregnant women are paid to have an abortion and receive a full ransom through staging and fake accidents.

The director of car insurance of Mellat Insurance Company, regarding the damage caused to insurance companies as a result of these accidents, stated: The exact amount of damage cannot be commented on; But at least ten percent of insurance cases are like this; Last year, the insurance industry paid 15,000 billion tomans in damages, of which 10 percent will be about 1,500 billion tomans; That is, even more than the profits of these companies.

He concluded: “Measures have been devised to reduce these cases; But there is still more work to be done to reduce these accidents.