How much water does the country’s dams have?

According to reports EconomyOnline According to ISNA, the total capacity of dam reservoirs is 50 billion and 500 million cubic meters, which represents 52% of the reservoirs.

Accordingly, due to the desired amount of autumn rainfall, the volume of water inflow by the end of December was equal to seven billion and 180 million cubic meters.

This number represents a two percent increase in water inflow to the country’s dam reservoirs compared to the same period last year, when it was 7 billion and 10 million cubic meters.

Also, the latest situation of the country’s dams shows that by December 19, the amount of water reserves in the reservoir of dams has reached 26 billion and 370 million cubic meters, which is a one percent increase compared to the water year of 1998-99.

According to these statistics, due to the amount of inflows to the country’s dams, water outflow from dams has decreased and so far we have witnessed 7 billion and 980 million cubic meters of water outflow from the country’s dams, compared to the same period last year , Has decreased by 16%.