How schools operate in the fourth corona rise / final exams

Mohammad Mohsen Beigi, Director General of the Education Health Office, said about the educational activities of schools in the fourth corona and the increase in the number of cities with orange and red status: Observance of health instructions for school activities will be applied as before There is no reopening of schools.

He continued: “In cities with yellow and blue conditions, first and second grade elementary and high school students can voluntarily participate in face-to-face training by observing health procedures and the presence of a maximum of 10 students in each class.”

The Director General of the Office of Health and Education clarified about the status of holding final exams despite the higher prevalence of the disease: “According to the decision and considering the importance of final exams in choosing the field of students and entrance exams for national exam candidates, Was.

Mohsenbeigi, in response to a question about whether the reopening of schools is on the agenda for the next academic year or not, said: “In this case, only suggestions have been submitted and the work is still uncertain and we have to see what the situation will be in the country.” It is too early to comment on this.