How to avoid Corona on essential trips?

Follow the advice of the authorities on how to prepare for the corona epidemic.

Avoid unnecessary travel.

– If we have an underlying disease (diabetes, cancer, …), do not travel.

– If you are forced to travel, strictly follow the health procedures.

Be sure to wear a mask.

Wash your hands regularly and correctly with soap and water and disinfect if there is no water.

Use disposable wipes to clean tables, chairs and other personal items.

Avoid smoking because of its effect on weakening the immune system and predisposing people to the virus. Avoid smoking, especially in public places.

Use gloves, paper towels, or toothpicks to contact elevator buttons, door handles, and the like.

Avoid unnecessary handling of surfaces and objects in the terminal and terminal when traveling.

Avoid close contact with people who have sneezing and coughing.

It is necessary to use tissue paper (when sneezing or coughing), if there is no tissue, use the inside of the elbow.

If you notice cold symptoms, stay away from others, rest and go to medical centers if the symptoms become severe.

– Avoid entering crowded places, especially indoors and without proper ventilation.

Avoid eating in public areas and passenger terminals, including ticket halls, transit, and the like.

Avoid eating ready meals as much as possible and use fully cooked foods.

– Use service personnel as much as possible to move bags and suitcases.

– Incoming passengers should inform the border health center as soon as they arrive if they have symptoms of an infectious disease.

– Avoid going to the terminal to escort or greet the passenger as much as possible.

Avoid losing and rubbing when escorting or welcoming the passenger.

– Avoid unnecessary and unnecessary traffic in the terminal while attending the terminals.