How to calm angry children?

Evenings are always the hardest part of the day for moms! As they try to set the dinner table, they also have to take care of their grumpy children fighting. “Is there any tips or advice to help you mothers cope with these magical hours?”

According to Talab, these few hours before dinner can be anything but fun! During these hours, children are often tired and moody. You are also very tired. And of course you are all hungry! Therefore, it is natural for children to be in a bad mood and for parents to lose their patience.

To help alleviate this uncomfortable situation, it is best to plan an evening routine. Whether your children have been home from school or daycare or have been home with you since morning, give them a healthy snack if there is plenty of time until dinner.

Then get them into an active game to drain some of their extra energy. Encourage them to play outside and in the yard (safe place) or sing at home and let them jump up and down and move.

If you spend most of the day away from your children, they will crave having quality time with “Mom”. In this case, devote some time to your children. It will be easier for you to do your dinner if you do it earlier in the day or the night before.

Ask your children to choose an activity you can do together; This activity can be reading a book aloud, playing fun games or just talking. Only pay attention to your children at this time.

After your kids have played some active games and released their energy, now is the time to calm them down a bit before dinner, for example, you can do homework after an active game such as dancing to a quiet activity such as reading a book. , Or suggest a quiet game with siblings (or alone).

You can also offer them to help you make dinner. Children who help prepare dinner are more likely to eat and enjoy a good meal at the table.

Ask younger children to help prepare the table and fold the napkins, while you can ask older children to measure the ingredients for cooking dinner, pour the drinks into glasses or wash the dishes.

If you have tried all of these options and your children are still exhausted and desperate before dinner, hire a support staff for 1 or 2 hours. You can also get help from your neighbors and take turns helping each other in the evenings if they want to.

Source: Cute Iran