How to care for skin after cleansing?

skin Cleaning One of the skin care methods. To exfoliate the surface of the skin skin Cleaning they say. Skin cleansing can be done at home or in medical centers. In this section, read the care after skin cleansing, skin cleansing or peeling Peeling or peeling of the skin means having dead layers of skin that clean the skin and make it radiant. Today skin Cleaning And exfoliation is very popular among women and they use this method to clean and clean pimples, brown spots on the skin, pimples and pregnancy spots on the skin. Cleansing the skin makes your skin fresh, fresh and beautiful. Becomes. By exfoliating and cleansing the skin, you can say goodbye to skin problems such as rough skin, freckles, dull skin, skin wrinkles, as well as open pores. That’s why skin cleansing training can help us have beautiful skin.

Why is skin cleansing important after cleansing?

Post-cleansing skin care is important because we put stress on your skin at different stages of cleansing. For example, after removing the stratum corneum of the skin, your skin cells must make up for the lost layer. Cell division and the creation of a new layer cause the skin to become clear and radiant. Or, for example, by massaging the skin, we apply stress to the deeper layers of the skin to stimulate collagen production. As your collagen production increases, your skin becomes firmer and healthier. Another point is that you are paying for your skin. Following a few simple tips will help you get the most out of your skin cleansing and double the cost. Rest assured a few small restrictions are worth it.

Post-cleansing care

– Avoid touching your face.

Avoid heavy makeup and skin care products.

– Gently wash your face.

– Do not use toners.

Avoid excessive sweating.

– Think about massage after cleansing.

Avoid any peels or facial scrubs

Avoid home remedies.

– Stay away from the sun

– From anti-inflammatory creams or cold compresses

– Use gentle cleaners.

Avoid hitting your skin.

Avoid inflaming your skin.

– Use a moisturizing cream.

– Drink water consecutively.

– Use your fruits and vegetables more than before.

– Use care products.

Source: May Show